January Blues... or sunshine?

We are already halfway done with January! Where has the time gone? 

You immediately think, Yes, I know. I haven't followed through with my resolutions yet, so whatever. 

I say, do not lose hope. The year can still be your year.

Here is why. It doesn't matter when you start. It matters IF you start. It also matters how you treat yourself. AND, it matters day by day. 

When you put so much energy into making this the best year yet, and quit when ONE thing goes terribly wrong, or doesn't go at all, you create stress. Know that stress is a killer? Yes, it kills energy, joy, and time that you could be spending laughing and celebrating with friends, family, or cute baby animals. Stress takes away your focus from being present to being absent. Being absent doesn't get you any closer to your goals because your energy, time, and joy has been used up by stress. My advice? Take away the pressure you put on yourself, breathe, and try again. Habits aren't formed in a day, just like the world wasn't complete in a day. Consistency is key, and so is patience. You can do it!

Before you go, I have a tip for how you can beat the January blues:

Hot Tip: Beating the blues is a day by day effort, so in order to help you simplify it and make it super easy to follow, try the following tip. Write out your intention for the year. Make it a one word intention. Anytime you feel like you are miserable, failing, and plain disappointing yourself, apply that intention and see how you can make it work for you. Sounds easy because it is, and it takes pressure off of you and the entire year - all by living in the present moment as much as possible, being kinder to yourself, and feeling lighter day by day.

Need an idea how to work with this? Let me use my intention as an example. This year, my intention is to thrive. If I eat a piece of chocolate cake and immediately think I shouldn't have, I remember my intention is to thrive. I apply my intention like this: First, does beating myself up over this lead to a thriving life? {Answer: No. Stress takes away my energy and attention, and therefore my focus. What this means: I thrive on energy}. Second, did the slice of chocolate cake make me happy? {Answer: Yes. I haven't had chocolate in a while, and it was rich, organic, and oh, so delicious. What this means: I thrive on allowing myself to enjoy or derive pleasure from something instead of denying it to myself. Plus, one slice (in moderation!) doesn't equal weight gain}. What I did here is prevent myself from going on a downward spiral and turned it around to make it a good moment. 

Comment below to share your intentions! 

Melissa Maria

P.S. Remember, a new year already gets so much pressure added to it. Ease off on it, and take it a moment at a time. It IS a great year already!