Easy, achievable goals? Yes, please!!

Hola, my friends!

Last week we talked about resolutions, and setting intentions. Today, we will cover a few achievable goals that are both POSSIBLE and EASY. Why does it matter that they are easy? Because easy goals = Achievable goals. 

Simply put, when you do achieve your goals, you will be so much healthier.

What can be ACHIEVABLE this year?

Here are four perfect goals that are totally achievable:

#1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Did you notice when you drink more water you feel better? Water helps your body to run better and will even help you to lose weight. Water will help give you a beautiful, youthful glow too. Make sure that you don’t just chug it all at once. Grab a water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day. This will make it that much easier to achieve your goal, and it will be so beneficial for your entire body. If it ever gets boring, know that you have super fun options to add to your water! Lemon, berries, mint, and other fruits can be added into your water bottle to give it a colorful, vibrant boost.

#2. Remove unhealthy foods

This is not as complicated as it seems. When you put your priorities or intentions in front of unhealthy options, it is easy to turn down the temptation to eat what is ultimately going to sabotage you. It is well documented that unhealthy foods are filled with sugar and toxins that end up sabotaging our bodies. Instead of just eating because you have a sweet tooth craving or because something looks delicious, eat because you want to nourish your body. If you eat foods that will give you energy and help you to feel better, you’ll be on track for a healthier year. So, start today by eating whole foods that nourish and benefit your body. It is perfectly normal to indulge occasionally, but be careful not to fall into the trap of sticking with these foods!

#3. Move More

Most people think of a weight loss goal as heading to the gym every morning. Although this is a great goal, it can sometimes be unachievable with your schedule. You do not need to head to the gym to move more. In fact, if you sit all day. it is a very good idea to go for a walk on your lunch break, or stand up and move in between breaks. Take a leisurely walk after dinner. Or maybe park as far from your destination as you can and take the scenic route you have never seen before. Make moving fun every day. You will feel so much better, not to mention sexier, thanks to endorphins galore! Fun tip: laughing also increases the level of endorphins so go watch a hilarious comedy or have dance nights with friends! (yes, you can dance silly until you drop. Who said moving had to be painful?)

#4. Make Room for Positive Thinking

Every person has thoughts that creep into their head. Sometimes we can become more judgmental and critical of others, or even put ourselves down. This year, make it a goal of yours to stop the negative thinking. Take a moment or two to brain dump first thing in the morning, then list what you are grateful for. Every. Single. Day. Clear your mind. Anytime you notice negativity trying to sneak in, take a minute to listen to what it is trying to teach you. Then, breathe in and let it flow back out. This will help you to be an overall happier person and will even help you to become healthier. Not to mention, a positive mindset drives you to reach your goals, naturally. 

When you think about your goals for the year, I recommend that you start with an achievable goal that will help you become a happier and healthier you!

Feel free to jump in below to tell us what you do to make sure your goals are achievable and easy! 

Melissa Maria