How to Use Your Flaws and Win

Hello beauty!

Let me turn the tables a little today and ask YOU a fun question. Have you ever looked at a weakness of yours and considered it a strength? Cool idea, right? For example, you may have heard people tell you that you are too sensitive and that you need to grow a thick skin. However, instead of looking at that as an embarrassing flaw you need to "fix" ASAP, what if you saw it as a ability to understand people in a way others do not? Or, what if you think knitting is a old-lady thing and fear others finding out and making fun of you, but instead you turn it into something cool where your knitting can be used to donate or raise money for a cause that matters? What about that introverted, shy demeanor that others tell you you must change to make it in this world full of extroverts? Newsflash: half the world is made up of introverts. Play up your introverted nature to your advantage using skills that extroverts can not use as fabulously as you can. You ARE made up for unique DNA where only YOU can make your weaknesses into super cool strengths. Tweet that, my dear!
Remember that you have the capacity to turn your "uncool" qualities into something amazing. Give yourself permission to accept your flaws and others will not be able to use them against you. When you make your DNA work for you, you will always come out on top. Sure, some things may seem embarrassing or silly, or it may paint you in a weak light. The truth is that all those things you think are flaws are actually what make you interesting, unique, and confident. Take some time today to look at your presumed flaws, weaknesses, and quirks. Write them down. Then, I want you to create a positive spin on each of these things. Make them work for you rather than the other way around. I can tell you right now that it is possible and only you can make your unique traits seem sexy or attractive in your own way. When you are done with the writing, take the rest of the day to celebrate those flaws, and start rocking them. You deserve it.

Hot Tip: The exercise in writing down flaws will not put you down. If you allow yourself permission to accept them, love them, and find ways to rock them, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Rather than staying in the dark and wallowing in your "weaknesses" while also scrambling to "fix" them, step into the fullness of who you are. Loving yourself enough to accept all the flaws and making them work FOR YOU is an amazing gift you can give yourself. 

Comment below about what weaknesses you now consider your biggest strengths! I'd love to celebrate your wins with you!

Melissa Maria

P.S. God made you and knows what you are made of. He loves everything He sees, and truly desires that you embrace all that you are. YOU are a masterpiece, my dear. And I find quirks and unique qualities more interesting than perfectionism or getting lost in the sea of sameness.