Clutter could be standing in the way of your best life now!

Hey there!

Back again with another dose of love! And it's a goodie today!

One of the best advice on loving myself that I have ever received is to consistently take inventory of all the mental clutter and physical clutter in my life. Over time, things like thoughts, feelings, habits, emails, food, clothing, and relationships build up and become toxic. When I take inventory, I am also motivated to take action to clean up or remove what isn't serving me anymore. One of the things I do for my health is take stock of the food I have in my refrigerator. When I see that it is filled with food that is spoiled, or unhealthy, I throw them away. I literally make room for healthier food that contribute to my goal of eating more organic this year. 

Now, why does taking inventory motivate me to take action?

  1. The clutter could be what holds me back. Action to remove it forces me to turn my attention and focus onto things that propel me forward. It forces me to be in touch with feelings that no longer serve me, just as comparison or judgment or perfectionism, or anything that is toxic, so that I can make room for feelings that make me feel like a queen, a conqueror, or whatever I want to be.
  2. The clutter could be what raises my stress levels. Action to remove it motivates me to save my energy for the best things in life that I enjoy and keeps me healthy, mentally and physically. It motivates me to use my energy doing things I enjoy that I otherwise would not have had time or energy for before.
  3. The clutter could also be what prevents me from physically and mentally being my very best and moving forward towards goodness in my life. Yes, it bears repeating #1 and #2. Action to remove all the clutter frees up your head space and your physical space to make room for things that matter to you, things like going to the next level in your life, your relationship, your health, or even your career. You make room for the things that matter most where there was no room before. 

I lovingly encourage you today to take stock of what is cluttering your life, your mental space, physical space (refrigerator, email, and closets, included!). Take a few minutes, perhaps 10 minutes or so, to write down everything that is draining your energy, your focus, your time. Need tips on how to do this?

Ask yourself a few of the following questions:
*What is holding me back?
*What is weighing me down?
*Is the clutter I listed necessary, true, or helpful to me in any way?
*If I didn't have this clutter, what would this area (career, home, health, relationships, etc) in your life look like?
*Which clutter can I take care of today? 

After you journal or make a note of this somewhere, also include what action you will take to remove all the unnecessary clutter in your life. Remember, removing the clutter is like removing dead weight. You feel lighter, freer, and ready to invite in all the goodness you desire or find important in your life. Not to mention, less stress = more energy to do the things you love! 

Hit reply to let me know what is holding you back and what action you are taking to remove the clutter from your life for good!

Much love!
Melissa Maria

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