5 Ways to Ignore Mean People and Be Unapologetically You

Hello, beautiful!

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On to the serious stuff. Life can be a tricky thing, and so can the people you are surrounded by. Sometimes you experience those days that completely throw you for a loop. Someone is spreading a rumor about you, or trying to convince you that you are wrong, that you made a mistake, or that you are {insert rude word, judgement, lie}... Have you ever believed what they said about you? Even if it came from someone you know and who loves you, or even if it was said in a kind tone, sometimes words hurt. You start doubting yourself, your abilities, your gifts. The more you internalize and hear the judgments, the more you believe them and start to reflect your character that way. You become who you think others think you are.

I am here to tell you that you are not who others say you are. You are not the lies you tell yourself.
You are beautiful.
You are gifted.
You are ENOUGH. 

You are more than your existence, your circumstances, your relationships, or your job. You are more than the sum of your parents, your culture, and your accomplishments.
You are who God created you to be, or a higher power you subscribe to. There is a purpose higher than you that created you for something bigger, greater, and more beautiful than you can imagine. Trust in that, and be guided by that. Not by others, and certainly not by the lies you have come to believe. 

How can you get past the lies and judgments about who you are?
1. Journal and write about how the situation made you feel. Write it all down. Yep. Everything.
2. Write out Truths and Affirmations about YOU and post those notes on a mirror, in your wallet, or as a screensaver. You can use one of these images I created if you so desire!
3. Play inspiring music or podcasts, and read books that inspire you to see the best in yourself.
4. Put in perspective that you are part of a bigger picture. Maybe someone needs you in some way more than you need validation from others. Volunteer or share a compliment or mail someone a thank you note... there are so many simple ways to make someone else's day that take only seconds of your time. Trust me, there will be a boost in feel-good hormones! Check out an article here that shows you how it works.
5. Learn from people like Beyoncé, for example.  She owns who she is and doesn't apologize for it. We certainly know she has many haters, but because she knows who she is, she consistently keeps her truth front and center. Consistent action creates a new belief system.

When someone puts you down, what is your immediate reaction? Does it mess up your day, or take a lot out of you? Or does it roll off your back because you know your truth?

Comment below share your experiences!

Before you go, I have a tip for how you can take away the stress and the blues after someone puts you down.

Hot Tip: Anytime you feel low about yourself, play music that uplifts and energizes you and makes you want to dance. The more you listen to inspiring music, the better you feel about yourself and your life. Music has the power to heal. If that isn't your jam, try volunteering or getting involved in an activity that you enjoy. 

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Melissa Maria
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