Harness Your Obstacles and Accomplish Your Q4 Goals in 4 Steps!

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It’s nearly October, which means we are entering the LAST quarter of the year. By now, you are probably either freaking out and scrambling to brainstorm ideas of services / products / insert whatever to sell OR you are super prepared and on track with your content marketing and all that jazz.

I have a feeling you are in the former category. Like myself.

It isn’t a fun place to be in at all. The world doesn’t often take into account our obstacles and unique challenges - whatever we have going on behind the scenes mentally, emotionally, physically - and it is certainly time we do that by figuring out how to make our goals work for us that works around our challenges and makes room for us to take breathers, take care of ourselves and/or others, and still grow.

At this point, we want less of #allthethings and more of a simple solution that will actually keep us moving towards our goals.

I have an idea for us to try, together. It would require doing things a little differently - which you can tailor to you personally - but it will helps us harness our obstacles in a productive and effective way so that we can accomplish our goals. I believe it will work because I know that we truly desire to try anything that will work in a way that feels good, simple, and stress-free. I believe we can do it without beating ourselves up for not feeling up to doing exactly what is laid out by others that don’t experience the same challenges. The amount of motivation or energy you have isn’t really important here - because we will be working from our desire or intention to make it work despite our challenges. This can work to our advantage, friend, so let’s get started!


We will start with a practical - but highly effective - steps, then we will get right into actionable steps you can take. I will lay it all out in a way that keeps you and your needs ahead of other cookie cutter approaches. We are keeping it simple and we will also be keeping our eyes fixed on the real target: meeting the quarter year goal to finish the year strong.

Step 1: Braindump #allthethings

This pretty much sums it up. All of the things / thoughts / beliefs currently residing in your brain, dump them all out onto paper. There is incredible power in transferring the swirling thoughts and ideas onto a piece of paper. This process declutters your mind and frees up your hard drive so that you have room to focus, be more productive, and actually generate new or better ideas. Science backs this up, if memory serves after all the neuroscience and psychological research I have been reading up on.

Your mission:

Braindump everything. Do not get sidetracked by organizing the list or getting started on it just to eliminate a few things. Also, do not worry about or judge yourself as you braindump. The purpose is to free your brain space - so have fun writing everything down - in bullets. This isn’t the time to journal! When done, step away for a couple of minutes or an hour {which means you have time for a walk or a cup of coffee/tea!}

Step 2: Jot down a primary goal and a secondary goal

When you come back from your break, take out a separate piece of paper. On it, write down your goals for the rest of the year that you really want to accomplish. You can break it down into things like sales or visibility, then you can get more specific from there if you want to! After you write your goals down, take a look at what you are most interested in. Interrupting you right here for a PSA: Forget what other people have told you to focus on because what worked for them may not work for you at this point in time.

YES. Don’t choose a goal such as growing your email list or creating a facebook group because someone else is saying that it works that way. It isn’t true for everyone, it doesn’t work for everyone, and it may need to be something you put on the backburner. For myself, I had to narrow down my focus and choose what feels right for me. At the end of the day {or quarter}, your goal needs to be something you know you will be consistent with, that you know you can make work for you, and one that you know will allow you to keep taking action. I will call the intrinsically motivating, feel-good goal a power goal because there is nothing more powerful than YOU driving your goal. A goal without power will run out of battery, and we don’t want that!

Your mission:

After you write down your goals for Q4, look over it and circle two that feel really good and right for you. You can certainly circle more, but then go back and erase all until you are left with two. The point is to narrow your focus to doing things that YOU know you will be able to follow through on and that will take you so much closer to where you want to be by end of the year. Release the pressure at this stage because this part doesn’t mean you will not be able to achieve more!

Also, release the shoulds or have-tos because cookie-cutter approaches make you feel like you cannot possibly succeed if you do things differently or in a different order - my recommendation is to dump all these statements on another separate sheet so that you remember to release the pressure on yourself!

Step 3. Leverage goals to the maximum.

After choosing your two main goals, I want you to get another piece of paper and fold it down the middle. Write the two goals at the top on separate sides of the paper. Now, the best part - write down a couple of things under each goal that you can leverage to your benefit. What I mean is this: if you wrote down growing your group, you may write down repurposing your group content onto IG and your blog post. That will increase your visibility across other platforms without doing extra work other than copy/paste snippets or bring all content together.

This step is not about creating more work that will lead to burnout or getting far away from your goal. This step is the place where you can choose how you want to leverage your work in a way that brings you closer to your goal. Again, sharing your FB group content to IG and blog post gives you an opportunity to invite your audience to your group for more good content, and now you are growing your group without much effort!

Your mission:

Write down ways you can leverage your goal so you are not just laser-focused on one thing. Think about ways that you can maximize on your goal through the power of leverage, such as the example I used above. If it feels good, and if it will keep you consistent instead of falling off the wagon, do it. The mission is to keep it simple without creating more work for you!

Now that we have chosen our goals and how we want to leverage them to our advantage, we are going to ramp up the next step just a bit by choosing what action to take {to avoid burnout or getting stuck!}.

Step 4: Create your strategic plan of action

After choosing your goal, make a simple plan you can follow through with. Again, keep the steps minimal because this is where we want to make sure you follow through and stay consistent. Using an example about growing your group, write down a few things that need to happen. For example, if you choose to grow a facebook group, jot down what you hope people gain from your group, then write down the two or three things that you will do in your group for that to happen. If you want to cultivate biz growth, the two things you can do are creating days where you invite others to drop their links or newest offers and feature members and their businesses. A way to leverage this is to share what you do in your group in other groups that allow promo or your other platforms. Now you have 2 actionable steps and a potential leverage step.

Your mission:

Create a simple strategy plan with as few steps as possible. Keep this simple and actionable, and only include steps that feel good for you! Your mission here is to follow your strategy that includes nurturing your goal and leveraging your goal in 3 steps or less. Why? Because if you add more than that, you will likely become overwhelmed at all the steps you have to follow through, and that is dangerous when it comes to reaching your goals. We don’t want to quit, we want to create space to grow that allows us to also spend time with family or take time for ourselves. If you notice yourself working more hours with less ROI {return on investment of time, money, or other}, it is time to re-evaluate and cut down your steps. If you find some time down the line that you have more room to add other steps, then do so, but not at the beginning.

Tying it all together

Many experts and coaches (whom I respect, follow, and appreciate are absolutely helpful, in their own way) may not always factor in our personal challenges or obstacles when it comes to building and growing a business. That is okay because I am sure it is not intentional. I am here to tell you that you can and will be able to reach your business goals in a way that accounts for your challenges and allows you to work with them in an advantageous way. I believe that because I am learning every day to make my business work for me, I am learning to harness my own obstacles, and I know you can too.

The key is to know what your needs are, what you are available for, and what you can put out or do. It may take some trial and error, but the steps that I shared above are meant to cut down the time it takes to figure things out on your own. Stripping it down to basics is where is starts so you can set the foundation and build up.

When you figure out what you want and what you can give or do, remember not to make it wrong. It isn’t. You have heard (true, not fake ones!) stories of people being able to make x amount of money working fewer hours and building the lifestyle and businesses they love, which means it is possible for you. It is possible for me. Harnessing our own obstacles so that we can accomplish our goals is possible. Creating our own hours working on and building the business in a way that feels good for us is possible. Rising above our challenges is possible. We need to remember we have lots of choices. Accomplishing goals applies to us, not only the select few that seem to have achieved success without obstacles or challenges of their own. They made it work for them, and you can, too.

What resonated most with you? Let me know in the comments below!



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