How to Apply Grace When Dealing with Overwhelm

How to apply grace when dealing with overwhelm.png

Cue the overwhelm.


We haven’t even started covering this topic and yet we are already feeling overwhelmed. So many entrepreneurs wear it like a second skin, and it isn’t good - for our health, our wellbeing, and our businesses.

From the moment we wake up, we begin mentally listing #allthethings we have to do and get done. We tackle the day with pressure, unrealistic expectations, and a heaping dose of dread. This business is supposed to be freeing and fun, yet it is anything but. Are you done with this kinda living day to day? Then let’s get right to the how of dealing with overwhelm like the wonderful human you are - by applying grace in every moment.


Start the day right.

Set the tone for the day by waking up with gratitude in your heart. No checking social media or turning on your brain for work just yet. Instead, take some time to soak in a brand new day that brings you another chance to do better. Before you get up to go grab that cup of joe, let this mantra sink in: I choose to allow grace to fill my day today. I will work with grace and treat myself with grace - and do my best without pressure. Close your eyes and repeat that as often as you can to yourself until it feels like the pressure is off. Repeat as often as you need throughout the day, and remember to treat it like self-love rather than a pressured to-do to check off the list!


Prioritize 3 things.

After you are done with your own morning routine, make sure to grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Braindump all the tasks you need to do, every one of them. Then, step away for a minute to grab a glass of water, set your essential oil diffuser, or check on your kids / pets / plants. When you come back to that piece of paper, take a look at what top 3 things you desire to get done today. It could be a mixture of personal and work, or all work, but just pick 3 for now. What top 3 feel good and doable for you? After settling on the three, pick your #4 and #5. These are ONLY if you have the margin or space to do them, so take off the expectation that you have to complete them today.


Reward yourself at the end of the day.

After you are done with the tasks, pick a reward that feels good to you. It can be an afternoon off, a walk in the park, a Netflix show or an early dinner. Make it a habit to treat yourself [it can be free and not food or spa related!] for doing your best and treating yourself with grace throughout the day.


Brain-dump all the things before bed.

Before you go to sleep, write down everything you need to do tomorrow or this week on paper. Release all the pressure and prevent the buildup of overwhelm by transferring all your thoughts onto paper. This process allows your body and mind to get the message that it is time to rest. It also allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and not as overwhelmed as when you go to sleep without brain-dumping.  


Doing each thing above is a way of showing yourself grace.


As you read through this, you may wonder how the heck to apply grace? The answer is not as complicated as you think. The simple act of doing those four things is showing yourself grace. It isn't about being perfect or doing things perfectly. You are human, you will not always cross all things off your list, and you may have some days that are more challenging than others. BUT you will accomplish a lot more by applying bits of grace every day, more than you are accomplishing when overwhelmed or stressed - because you are giving yourself space for those things. Imagine doing this daily for 365 days... how much will you have accomplished at the end? A LOT.

Remember, being patient with yourself, unburdening your mind and body through brain-dumping and prioritizing, and treating yourself well at the end of the day - all of these are showing yourself grace. And it all starts with how you set the tone in the mornings - waking up with peace and intention and knowing that what you do will be more than enough.


I’d love to hear from you! What helps you deal with overwhelm?