Self-Love Breakthrough Intensive

You have that nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you that you are meant for bigger things.

You have an idea for a project, initiative, service, or campaign that could really impact the world for good, but feel stuck in bringing it to life.

Instead, you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and alone, and that idea has been gathering dust for quite some time now.

I have just the thing for you to help you jumpstart your dreams in a way that feels aligned and easy, without sacrificing your precious time and the impact you want to make - by addressing your mind and heart.

The Self-Love breakthrough intensive is a container where we get to brainstorm what really keeps you stuck or holds you back in pursuit of your dreams, and strategize your next steps. We will walk through your issue, and create an action plan to help you move past this so that you can focus on your life goals. Sometimes we cannot see what is stopping us from living the lives we want or showing up in our businesses in a way we desire. We will touch on ONE main struggle, such as self-esteem, confidence, self-doubt, fear of not being enough, etc. You will walk away with 1-3 action steps to heal now instead of waiting to figure it all out on your own.

Self-Love (60 minutes) addresses your primary concern head on so you can create an aligned strategy that jumpstarts your dream today.

This Intensive includes:  

  • (1) One hour session

  • 1-3 action steps to get started now

  • Two weeks of email support to help you through any lingering doubts or blocks as you begin your healing journey

What we may cover in the session: 

  • Getting clear on one major struggle or block towards activating your dreams

  • Discovering what self-love and self-care mean to you and how they look like for you

  • Create an action plan to implement new habits so you can show up in your business or life feeling confident and ready to take on the world

This option is for you if you:

  • Want to jumpstart your dreams and start creating impact in the world

  • Want a strategy that works for you and feels freeing and aligned

  • Are highly motivated and willing to put the work in

Price: Inquire Within

(Payment plan available)

Bonus: If you decide within 48 hours of this intensive that you want longer-term support, your entire payment will be credited toward the new package.