Interesting Tidbits about Me

  1. I can read lips, which makes watching sporting events on TV extremely interesting.
  2. I have been a huge soccer fan since I was a kid (go Juvenus!) Meeting Del Piero has been on my wish list since forever. Marie Forleo and Oprah are on my wish list, too. We’ll see!
  3. I speak Italian (well, the regional dialect. If you speak in Standard Italian, I will respond in the dialect. And you may be confused ;))
  4. I like fresh garlic on anything and everything. And basil. Truthfully, it is great for my health. Boom!
  5. I am very fond of walking. I love long walks along scenic routes, a la Lizzie Bennet (I adore Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice). Also, Nietzsche had a point when he said, "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."
  6. I used to be crazy about country music. My tastes vary often, and I am currently keen on classical music. It makes me feel fancy. However, I don’t mind a good country song here and there! Youtubing Blake Shelton and “Honeybee” right now.
  7. I like bumblebees. What? I think they are cute!

Things I Love:

  1. Reading romantic classics.
  2. Taking long walks under pink skies.
  3. Experimenting with spices and veggies in the kitchen.
  4. Coffee everything. ALL the time.
  5. Masterchef Junior. Food in general.

What I Dream about:

  1. Visiting castles in Ireland, Scotland, and any other old castles, really.
  2. Waving a wand at Hogwarts. (Took the Pottermore quiz. I am in Griffindor!)
  3. Trying on the wedding dress of my dreams as glitter flies in the air.

Did I mention I am shutter-happy?

Photography is one of my hobbies. What's capture-worthy to me?

  1. The beauty of holiday decor.
  2. Flowers of all colors and shapes growing in my cozy yard.
  3. Basically any living and nonliving thing that makes me smile like a kid in a candy store.