I believe you have a tremendous gift and a powerful idea that will turn into something big, impactful, and life-changing.

The thing is, it is still just an idea, and your gift (that only YOU have) is still not being shared with the world.

You find yourself waiting until you feel enough, are further along, or believe in yourself before you could reveal it to the world.

Let me ask you this first: What is ONE message deep in your heart that you want the world (or your people) to know? To never ever struggle with again because you know what it is like to feel that way?

When you focus on YOUR message that you want to drive home, every marketing tip, back-end task, social media post, or limiting belief you have will pale in comparison.

Your project, initiative, service, or campaign will eventually take center stage. Because YOUR message is meant to be out there.

Fears will always be there.

Ego - and people - will always try to discourage you.

There will always be a hot-new idea or a louder voice trying to convince you to stay right where you are.

But the people that need what you have waiting for them? They will be ever so grateful.

You have a worthy project, a big heart, and everything you need to succeed. The difference between its success and failure is YOU. You are the powerful factor in this equation.

All the noise out there will try to influence you.

Overwhelm with #allthethings is inevitable.

Most of all, perfectionism will hit you hard.

It doesn’t have to be that way. All the above things are just distractions.

There is a better, easier way.

Starting with YOU. And I am here to show you how.



I'm Melissa!

I am a life coach helping big-hearted entrepreneurs and creatives ditch self-doubt and make an impact with their gifts. Dubbed "The Detail Queen," and "Chief Encourager" by my clients, I help them focus on healing their mindset, re-learn to love themselves, and boldly own their power so they can make a difference in the world.


I am on a mission to touch the lives of thousands of women and help them tap into the grace they already have so they can achieve their goals and live the lives they love while also stepping into courage to be leaders and world-changers.

I believe you have a message only you can share with others, and that it will impact and empower so many others that need you to bravely speak and go first. You are worthy of being heard and seen, and once you really believe that, you open the door for amazing things to happen.

Sometimes we need someone else to support us and help us see what stands in our way, whether it is through creating new habits of self-care, addressing old stories and replacing them with new truths, or simply having someone hold you accountable. Whatever you need, I've got your back.


About Me: Professionally

  • Founder and Chief Encouraging Officer of Melissa Maria, LLC

  • Creative Visionary of Shine Your Truth movement. Join us!

  • I earned my M.A. in General Psychology from Adelphi University. 

  • I received extensive professional training and certification in Mind-Body-Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (IPE).  I am also a Conscious Coaching Collective (CCC) Certified Coach and Spirit Junkie Masterclass Graduate.

  • I worked for a hospital and non-profit in a clerical and administrative office setting for over a decade. I also volunteered at for the Child Life department at a children's hospital for a little over a year.

  • I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I love essential oils and they have helped me with my migraines, anxiety, stomach discomfort, and more. Click here if you want to try them! 

  • I have have been featured in various interviews and summits, such as The Abundant Living Summit, the Whole Woman's Health Series, Loving God Completely Series, and the Heart-Centered Business Show. Check out the complete listing here!

  • I am a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador.

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