Want to know what it is like working with me? Check out for yourself what some of my extraordinary clients have to say! 

Melissa has such a sweet nurturing energy, that can be perceived even just via messages. She holds space beautifully, asks thoughtful questions, and displays that she truly cares! I recommend her to anyone looking for a good heart to heart and be uplifted! She is a light!
— Anonymous
Melissa is amazing to work with! She’s so good at helping you recognize negative thought patterns. And she does it all in such a gentle, encouraging way! She has plenty of ideas for helping you find confidence and feel empowered!
— Hannah Burns
Working with Melissa was wonderful. She created a comfortable, casual atmosphere, and we discussed a lot of great action steps I can take to move towards having confidence and making progress in my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone that feels stuck. Thank you, Melissa!
— Kelsey Podgorski from notedandnoticed.com and notedandknotted.com
Melissa is extremely encouraging. At first I thought the messaging model would feel delayed and I wouldn’t feel as connected, but I was so wrong! I felt Melissa through her messages and knew she was an experienced healer. I like that she defined a pattern right off the bat and worked with me through it to make sure I understood the connection between all the ways I was feeling low confidence. She helped me put thoughts into actions and I feel like obviously I can do this! Why wouldn’t I be able to?!
— Maya Zimmerman
Melissa is such a joy to connect with. She is very kind and reassuring and she gives practical advice and assignments for me to do. I feel very motivated after one session with her and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs some coaching!
— Jeannie Wong
“I began working with Melissa to address some unhealthy eating patterns and a very confusing relationship with food. After working with her for only a few weeks, Melissa has helped me to uncover and investigate deeply held beliefs about food, eating, and the power of listening to one’s own intuition. She gently invites you to listen to your body and to respond to its messages by noticing your unique patterns, such as cravings, moods, physical reactions, and emotions. I’ve learned that my sugar cravings, to cite one (huge!) example, can be the body’s call for another source of nourishment, such as a need for pleasure, love, or control. This concept is amazing to me; I’ve always seen overeating or choosing the wrong foods as a form of self-sabotage. Now I am practicing looking for the underlying messages and learning to work with them. This is manifesting as making more space for connection to others and refusing to find refuge in food when I feel anxious. Melissa is passionate, kind, supportive and so very easy to open up to. Reaching out to her was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself for a long time.”
— Kerry W
Since working with Melissa, I kicked a couple of bad habits, gained more energy and felt a lot more productive in the day! She provided lots of great advice on how I could make small shifts that created a big impact on my daily life. Now, I stopped checking Facebook the minute I wake up and soon after, I stopped checking Facebook throughout my day. I started having regular, healthy breakfast too and that really helped me gain more energy and focus. Melissa is a total sweetheart for checking in with me and keeping me accountable too.
I’m not sure what else to say but thank you for helping me make these seemingly small shifts but they made such a huge impact on my days :)
— Esther Loke
I had the honour of working with Melissa for a few months of her wonderful coaching! While working with her, I learned how to eat foods that I LOVE, without stress. We also covered boundaries around friendships a couple of times she talked me through some very stressful days, encouraging me to be easy on myself, that I was doing the best I could do each and every day! Melissa was full of do-able tips that kept things easy and fun. She reminded me how hard on myself I was and encouraged me to breathe and relax into the process – letting me know that changing my eating habits could be easy and fun, instead of heavy and seemingly impossible!
The one thing she stressed during the whole of our time together was the importance of self care – and loving myself throughout this process. I appreciate spending those months with Melissa very much. Thank you, Melissa! You gave me some great help and I took away many good, solid tips that I can use many times over!
— Chere Harbridge
Hi, my name is Amanda. I’m a married 31 year old with a 4 year old daughter and 3 year old twin boys. My family is the light of my life. Most of my life I’ve struggled with self confidence and until more recently have not had the best relationship with food. I came across Melissa in my search to find some self help. I felt like I was at a low point with myself and could use some guidance. With her help, I’ve learned some simple yet very effective ways to improve my life. She’s taught me that its okay to just be me, and to work towards my goal of just being a better me. I have nothing but love for her and the way she has helped me along the crazy journey of life!! I’m forever grateful.
— Amanda K
Working with Melissa has truly been a pleasure. Her gentle, kind and nurturing nature are skills she rocks at as a holistic health coach. Working with her has enabled me to arrive at various conclusions and answer the questions that I have long been avoiding. I’ve stopped using food to numb out and started looking at what my soul truly desires. I’ve taken up ballet, started French classes and have gotten involved in an upcoming TEDx Women’s event since working with her. I’m learning to laugh and smile again, enjoy my children and reconnect with my husband on a daily basis - things that had been lacking for a while now.
— Maryam D